Monday, May 5, 2014

Need to do something

Finals this week and I am having so much trouble caring.  Math is tomorrow and I haven't even bothered to study really. We are allowed to have 3x5 card of notes, and I just haven't.  I should, I should at least write down the formulas.  Yes, I will do that before I go to bed.

I should go to bed.  Sleep.  I've been sick.  Weak immune system.  Once upon a time, I was so healthy and then I learned what worn out meant.  These past few years have taught me the meaning of worn down.  I've leveled up.

After this weekend,  I hope I will be more refreshed.  My head is currently in the dichotomy of exhausted and restless.  I rarely make good decisions at that point.  Guess, I should be grateful my most dangerous temptation is dead.

I am not.  I miss the battle.

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